Door Security Grille and Bar


 DoorGuard Grille

Most Kickstop products are designed to strengthen and reinforce inward opening doors against 'kick-in' attack and outward opening doors against jemmy attack.

The two DoorGuard products are designed to complement other Kickstop products when they are fitted to a door with glazed or weak panels.

Door panel grilles are recommended to increase security - often to a rear door.  An inexpensive DoorGuard Grille can be purchased and fitted extremely quickly - as the need arises.

The design of the DoorGuard Grille means that it is very easy to transport as it folds for transportation.  It is easy to fit with 16 zinc plated hardened steel woodscrews supplied.  The grille will fit most doors without alteration and provide instant security with apertures still large enough to allow for glass cleaning.


DoorGuard Bar

Door panel security bars are also recommended to increase security - often to a rear door.  A combination of DoorGuard Bars can be purchased and fitted extremely quickly.

They are very easy to fit with 3 zinc plated hardened steel woodscrews supplied with each single bar.  They will fit the width of most doors without alteration, provide instant security and can be positioned  to allow access for cleaning.

The bars are recommended for internal fixing.  If used externally, we suggest that security screws or fixings are used.


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Kickstop DoorGuard Bar - Security Bar

  • Code: DG1
  • 725mm x 20mm solid steel bar
  • Rounded Sides and Rounded Ends.
  • Countersunk Screw Holes
  • Screw on horizontally to reinforce door panels
  • A pack of 1 1/2" No 10 woodscrews supplied